Friday, 24 October 2014

DIY sandpaper letters

There are plenty of blogs that tell you how to make these. I don't want to rewrite them. I just want to add some tips and ideas. 

1. Don't rub your eyes when cutting sand paper! Guess how I find out. 
2. Make sure that if you're copying onto the back of sandpaper, that the letters are upside down. I learned this when I did the numbers. 
3. Most blogs tell you to print letters, cut them out, trace them onto sand paper. This is silly. You can easily use some carbon paper to copy them! It's much easier. Or, if you're too lazy to find the carbon paper, you can print the letters, turn it over and use the ink! This means you need to trace twice as the ink isn't very clear. Guess how I found out! Ha ha. 
Bonus point of you can print straight into the sandpaper. Can't see why not, really. Especially if you got a printer where you feed on one side and collect on the other. 

Letters copied into the back of white sandpaper. It's a good practise in mindfulness and concentration! 

You can use any type of letter, but the main question is print or cursive. After reading a topic on the Facebook group montessori 101, this decision was easy. Print is dead easy, kids pick it up whether you like it or not! And I know Seb can already recognise letters, I think his child care teaches him (don't ask). Cursive is a bit harder. If you teach print first, then you'll need to teach cursive again later. But if you teach cursive first, you'll never need to teach print as the kids teach themselves. Even Maria Montessori noticed this, so was said on Facebook. 
Thus, for me, cursive letters it is! 

If I had to do this again, I'd print the letters all jumbled up as frugally as possible on a sheet the same size as the sand paper sheets. I'd organise some proper carbon paper and go from there. Much easier to puzzle on the computer.

My letters aren't finished yet, but I was keen to post anyway. I just got to glue them on some wood, which I have. I think usually it's thick cardboard , which I don't have. So wood it is. 

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