Thursday, 11 September 2014

how it started

Life started about 6 billion years ago, but really it started long before that when the molecules were being formed by imploding and exploding stars. I don't know. Journeys don't have a start or an end. Things only ever change, usually quite randomly. They never just start, there was always something that led to it and that's then part of the journey.
It was like a light switch got turned on ;)

 A few months ago, Seb and I went to dance class.  We go once a week and love it. It's based on yoga ideas and very sensory, grounding and mindful. As I strapped him in his car seat on the way home, I noticed a spot on his hand. 5 minutes later, as we got to the veggie shop, I noticed more. My heart sank, I hate spots on my child. Nurse on call said it was probably hand foot and mouth.  Joy.  I called child care, Seb goes once a week. They asked me to get it checked by a gp,  so they have an official record. I obliged and I'm glad I did as the gp quickly diagnosed it as chickenpox! Oh, and a chest infection and school sores. Don't worry, though, you only have to stay inside for 7 days.
Turned out to be 10 days, but anyway.  Seb was quite sick for 3 days, but his normal energetic self after that.  And I got bored. Cabin fever. Crazy. Looking for entertainment for the both of us, I started looking up sensory materials for me to make.  I ended up making the montessori color box 4, which is the crazy big one I designed myself. I'm never good at sticking to rules.  I cheated on the quarantine and borrowed a heap of paint chips from the hardware shop. Cut them up and made this amazing fun colour box with matching pegs and matching coins.  When I sorted it myself, I quickly realised this is kinda hard! I'll write a specific post on this later.
One of the first things I did was organising shelves

So, this is how the journey started noticeably. Of course, lots of events in my life got me to this point. I already knew montessori was amazing, even though I didn't know all that much about it. I already intended to home school my child. I already read lots of books and was already a teacher. But the chickenpox week made it all come together and my effort and research exploded into a frenzy.
And this reminds me of mMntessori her theory as she explains in absorbent mind.  All we see is that a child can suddenly talk. We don't see what happens before that, but the learning start in the womb! It slowly grows, until it explodes.

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