Sunday, 18 October 2015

I've not forgotten

But I've been too busy and had too little access to internet to write. In the last year we've travelled and I've had a baby! I'm a bit sad, though, that I don't get time to write about what we do. I often think about it, but with little to no internet, it's not really an option.

So this year we travelled. Seb learned a lot about the different ecosystems. We travel slow, spending up to 3 weeks in one place and visiting spots more then once. The repetition is great and I can see how much he's learning. He likes to find an audience and repeats what I've told him! It's too cute.
When we drive, we talk. I tell him about the environment we see and the human interaction. He likes to talk about powerlines and has his own powerline song. It goes like this: powerline poooooooowerline powerliiiiiiiine etc. He makes me laugh. Of course, I have to sing it with him! It's a great sound game.

I've stocked up on materials. I had a bit of a splurge after some difficult news. woops. It's good though! It's good to have the real thing set out. Funnily enough, it improves Sebs behaviour! He's much calmer when the environment is prepared. He enjoys doing the metal insets and since I've got the moveable alphabet he's interested in letters. We do the other materials together. A favorite is using bottles with food colouring and droppers to drop dye on some kitchenpaper. He just experiements with colours now.

My little girl, she's 10 weeks now. She's just waking up. She sleeps a lot. I'm very curious to see how she will go and how things will go with two kids. She's a delight and very easy to look after.

I'm sorry, I don't have photos this time. Like I said, I'm very restricted with technology. Hopefully I get to pick up this blog properly, but you'll have to be patient.

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