Sunday, 29 January 2017

Real life learning

We had to go to the big city this week, for many reasons. We had made felt veggies for a swap, wanted to catch up with a friend at the sanctuary, midsumma pride and a protest against new regulations for homeschooling.

We camped at a nearby campground, which happened to be in the rainforest (cool temperate).

Amongst many things we visited the Ada tree, the biggest tree on the mainland. 75m high and 15m girth at breast height. It was fascinating learning about rainforest ecosystems, light that falls to the ground, species of plants, fire history, indigenous history. We found a species of rhinoceros beetle and discussed its body parts. We have a book on this beetle.

Hella was fascinated by the native animals in the zoo and learned the word koala. She did lots of walking and observing. She likes to stick her nose into plants and smell them. She's very independent. The photo of her on the bridge was taken at a park where we stopped for lunch. There's a playground on the other side. I told her to come back, but she turned around and waved bye bye. Cheeky girl!

Sarah developed a fever on Saturday, so we went home instead of the marches. I was keen to check on our chickens and plants anyway.

Today is our first day of the school year!

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